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Imagine being able to enjoy and relax in a custom-made spa, these hot tubs will help us feel good and also benefit our health. From Goccia Spa we offer different collections for public and private use in which we can massage our body with the various therapies that we obtain from water and air movements, among them we can find the calm, Potenza, Eleganza and Public range, five different ranges which, according to their characteristics, will adjust to what you need.

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As they say “in the variety there is pleasure”, and it is that the swimspa is a safe bet, in them we find the benefits of a spa with its hydromassage and at the same time, we will enjoy the pleasure of a swimming pool to be able to swim, but we do not worry about the water temperature. In Goccia Spa you can find the swimspa that best suits your needs, and you can choose between our Swimspas Sport, Mare and Ocean, different from each other but just as recommended, it will be you who choose how to enjoy according to your wishes.

Gama Saunas

Relax in one of our Finnish saunas where the dry steam bath is the protagonist. The Sauna helps us eliminate toxic waste from our skin thanks to the dilation of our pores, and this is achieved through the high temperatures they reach. We will produce a fast and abundant sweat that, in addition, can help us with therapeutic purposes. That’s why we want you to set the limits yourself, we offer you 4 wood finishes: Nordic spruce, ayous, red cedar and birch, so that your stay is totally pleasant.

Official technical service

We have Official Technical Service throughout the national territory for your total peace of mind.

Quality and Reliability

In Goccia Spa we know that the most relevant when buying a Spa or Swimspa is the quality and reliability of the product, so we have opted to incorporate the most reliable, resistant and durable American materials into our equipment, reaching the highest levels of market quality, and all this without sacrificing the colossal features offered by our systems or the innovative design of our acrylics.

The reliability of the product comes first, putting the cost before this premise can be a risk of irreparable solution.

Design and Innovation

At Goccia Spa we maximize the image of our products by providing them with an innovative and cutting-edge design, according to the kind of systems we offer to our customers. We have developed acrylic molds with striking and striking curves that accelerate the movement of water and give the Spa a really attractive visual effect, fleeing from the traditional concept of Spa, anchored in straight and linear shapes.

The greatest innovation is a guarantee of progress and continuity.

Performance and Performance

In Goccia Spa we offer you the range of Spas and Swimspas with the highest hydromassage performance of those currently offered in the world market, from 3-seater Spas with 83 jets and 5 horsepower to 7-seater Spas with 180 jets and 9 horsepower, including waterfalls, fountains, RGB-illuminated jets, and bluetooth with retractable speakers to enjoy the audio you want at any time.

Enjoy the best benefits and the maximum possible performance in hydrotherapy.

Personal attention

For Goccia Spa, the sale of a Spa implies the acquisition of a commitment to our client, so we offer a comprehensive and responsible service. Initially, we analyze your needs and advise you when buying the Spa, and once installed, you will have an excellent after sales service, with a direct line to the installer who is responsible for its implementation, to solve any doubts you may have , and with a direct line to the logistics department that will be in charge, from our jacuzzis store in Valencia, of supplying spare parts, accessories and chemicals.

We have the necessary infrastructure to guarantee a useful and long life to your Spa.

Catalogue Goccia Spa

Our new Catalog is now available with all the news of this year

Professional sector companies that have entrusted their projects in our company

  • Acciona
  • Avintia Proyectos y Construcciones SL
  • Hotel Cal Barber (****)  ·  Botarell (TARRAGONA)
  • Hotel Martín El humano  ·  Segorbe (CASTELLÓN)
  • Hotel Neptuno (****)  ·  VALENCIA
  • Hotel Negresco (****)  ·  MALLORCA
  • Hotel Camp de Mar (****)  ·  MALLORCA
  • Hotel Santo Domingo de Silos (***)  ·  BURGOS
  • Hotel Continental (****) ·  MALLORCA
  • Hotel El Mirador (****)  ·  TENERIFE
  • Hotel El Balcón del Pirineo (***)   ·  HUESCA
  • Hotel Altamira (****)   ·  TENERIFE
  • Hotel Panorama (***)  ·  TENERIFE
  • Hotel H10 Salou Princess (****)  ·  TARRAGONA
  • Hotel Gran Tinerfe (****)  ·  TENERIFE
  • Hotel Felix (***)  ·  MURCIA
  • Gimnasios Hi Fitness  ·  MADRID
  • Camping Ciudad de Cáceres  ·  CACERES
  • Complejo Paidesport  ·  VALENCIA
  • Gimnasios Forma Sport  ·  VALENCIA
  • Hotel Masd Mediterrani (****)  ·  BARCELONA
  • Hotel Tropical Park (****)  ·  TENERIFE
  • Hotel Casas Lago (****)  ·  MENORCA
  • Hotel Spa Balfagón (****)  ·  TERUEL
  • Hotel Vivood (*****)  ·  ALICANTE
  • Hotel La Piconera (****)  ·  ASTURIAS
  • Hotel Playa Marina (****)   ·  HUELVA
  • Hotel Talayot (****)  ·  MALLORCA
  • Hotel Luna del Valle (***)  ·  ASTURIAS
  • Hotel Jardín Caleta (****) · TENERIFE
We are Goccia Spa

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Your well-being is our commitment

We have Technical Service in all the Communities of Spain with a fast and efficient response time


We guarantee that all our Spas offer unmatched water pressure for all your jets


One of our fundamental principles and that our customers appreciate most


Follow our advice and you will barely feel the expense on your electric bill


The most important hotel chains have chosen Goccia Spa and this is only possible by offering an incomparable product and service


All our systems enjoy the most recent innovations of the sector, which we show in the different Fairs and Exhibition Halls that are throughout the national territory

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