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Quality & Reliability

Goccia Spa group considers that the most important decision when purchasing a spa or Swimspas the product quality and reliability. Because of that, our products feature reliable, durable and long-lasting materials manufactured in The US to reach the highest quality rate on the market. All of this without sacrificing neither top-notch features of our products nor the ground-breaking design of our acrylics.

Giving preference to the product cost rather than to reliability could become a risky investment. So, for us the product reliability always comes first.


Design & Innovation

At Goccia Spa we maximize the image of our products by providing them with an innovative and state-of-the-art design, according to the kind of systems we offer our customers. We have developed acrylic molds with striking and striking curves that accelerate water movement and give the Spa a truly attractive visual effect, running away from the traditional Spa concept, anchored in straight and linear shapes.

The greatest innovation is a guarantee of progress and continuity.


Discover our new range Eleganza Spas


Work done

Discover a selection of works already done to our clients



Performance and Performance

At Goccia Spa, we offer you the range of Spas and Swimspas with the greatest hydromassage performance of all currently offered in the world market, from 3-seater spas with 83 jets and 5 horsepower to 7-seater Spas with 180 jets and 9 horsepower, including waterfalls, fountains, jets illuminated by RGB, and bluetooth with retractable speakers to enjoy the audio you want at any time.

Enjoy the best performance and maximum performance in hydrotherapy.

Personal Attention

For Goccia Spa the sale of a Spa supposes the acquisition of a commitment with our client that is why we offer an integral and responsible service. Initially, we analyze your needs and advise you when buying the Spa, and once installed, you will have an excellent after-sales service, with a direct line to the installer who will be in charge of your start-up, to resolve any doubts that may arise , And with a direct line to the logistics department that will be responsible, from our store jacuzzis in Valencia, to supply spare parts, accessories and chemicals.

We have the necessary infrastructure to guarantee a useful and long life to your Spa.

Discover our range of Spas

Discover our range of Swimspas

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So our Spas are manufactured


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What our business customers say

Goccia Spa makes the most spectacular and resistant spas that I have ever sold. Their customer service has always been very good.


Signed Miguel Cabello: Manager

As a distributor, we need our suppliers to provide sales, technical and logistical support in order to offer a good service, and we have always received that from Goccia.


Signed Juan Antonio Plaza

Professional and responsible service with fast and efficient responses.


Signed Carlos Rebollar: Manager

Fantastic product, excellent service and eager young staff.


Signed Arsenio Arroyo: Manager

With these products, the most important thing is the service and attention that the seller offers, and Goccia delivers in that respect. In all the years that I have worked with them, they have always responded as any serious and responsible company should.


Signed Ana Torres: Administrator

A Spa is a technical product with a lot of electronics and hydraulics, so the guarantee of a high quality system is important in order to avoid problems in the future. I can confirm that Goccia products are reliable and durable.


Signed Moisés Carvajal: Sales manager

The Tsunami spa is fantastic. The hydro-massage reaches every part of your body.

I recommend anyone who does not have room for a pool to install the Tasmania Swimspa like I did. You will end up enjoying it more than a pool

Why choose Goccia Spa

For this series of reasons we believe that ours is the best option of all how many you can offer in the domestic market.



Your wellbeing is our commitment

We have Technical Service in all Communities of Spain with a fast and effective response time


We guarantee that all our Spas offer unmatched water pressure for all your jets


One of our fundamental principles and that our customers are most grateful


Follow our advice and you will hardly feel the expense in your electric bill


The most important hotel chains have chosen Goccia Spa and this is only possible by offering an incomparable product and service


All our systems enjoy the latest innovations in the sector, which we show in the different trade shows and exhibitions that are along the national territory

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