Custom Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis

Goccia Spa has carried out installations in different spaces, for private use and for public use, in which technical knowledge is required to guarantee quality and customer safety. As you can see in the following images we have carried out very varied installations, in places where you can least imagine. Spa facilities carried out on penthouse terraces. Swimming pool with counter current, Swimspas, on the terrace of a Hotel.

EPS polystyrene

Hotels, Spas, Rural Houses, Gyms and Sports Complexes, have chosen us to carry out their expansion projects and improvements to their Wellness spaces. We have carried out integral projects of Wellness spaces, as well as the previous study without commitment, of the needs required for each client.

Stainless steel

Discover how our clients enjoy the installation of their custom Spas, Swimspas and Saunas. We have carried out installations of Spas or Swimspas on terraces, attics, gardens and in interior spaces. We have also embedded Spas or Swimspas through perimeter pits.

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    Technical Coverage

    We have Technical Service in all the Communities of Spain with a fast and efficient response time

    Energy Saving

    Follow our advice and you will barely feel the expense on your electricity bill

    Pressure Guarantee

    We guarantee that all of our Spas offer unbeatable water pressure from all of their jets.

    Professional service

    The most important hotel chains have chosen Goccia Spa and this is only possible by offering an incomparable product and service.

    After-sales service

    One of our fundamental principles and one that our clients appreciate the most


    All our systems enjoy the most recent innovations in the sector, which we show in the different Fairs and Showrooms that exist throughout the national territory.

    Official technical service

    We have Official Technical Service throughout the national territory for your total peace of mind.

    Component Warranty

    Acrylic Warranty