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Swimspas to disconnect in your garden or terrace

Below you will see our wide range of models of swimpas for private and public use. We have 3 collections according to the different characteristics or features. We must highlight the Sport collection.


The Olympic Range is the result of an unprecedented effort in terms of innovation and study that has resulted in the four swimspas with the best performance and performance, in terms of countercurrent swimming, of all those on the world market.

The water propulsion system is by means of a 4.6 Kw propeller pump that maintains a water flow of up to 1,400 m3 hour and guarantees a wide, deep, smooth and turbulent-free water current, which can be adjusted from 1 to 9 speeds. . The different control speeds mean that anyone who trains in the swim spa, regardless of their ability to swim, will be able to find a comfortable speed for swimming.

Propeller systems are a great step forward in terms of swimming quality, the current being much more stable than the current produced by the traditional jet system. The unique propeller design does not require air to be drawn into the water to increase its strength, allowing for a more realistic swimming experience.

Like all our systems, they have installed the electronic guarantee from BALBOA WATER GROUP (USA) and the acrylic from ARISTECH ACRYLICS (USA).


32 jets
590x228x150 cm
31.200€See in detail


28 jets
690x228x161 cm
34.500€See in detail


16 jets
590x228x161 cm
29.000€See in detail


14 jets
490x228x161 cm
26.200€See in detail


The Sport Range has been conceived to serve customers who want quality at an average cost, that’s why within this range we can find swimspas with different characteristics.

These swimspas have a wide and varied equipment, in which we can find, Headrest, Perimeter Leds, Underwater Leds, Roman Led Fonts, Grab Bar y swim control. As for hydrotherapy, we can find from 28 to 123 jets, thus providing us with a pleasant massage throughout the body.

They are models designed for swimming and relaxing with family and / or friends, having a capacity of 2 to 7 people and may also include 1 swimmer. Within this range, we can find different measures.

Like all our systems, they have installed the guaranteed electronicBALBOA WATER GROUP (EE.UU) and acrylic from ARISTECH ACRYLICS (EE.UU)


37 jets
390x225x136 cm
19.500€See in detail


28 jets
440x225x147 cm
20.500€See in detail


36 jets
500x225x147 cm
20.900€See in detail


60 jets
585x225x147 cm
23.900€See in detail


The Mare Range of swimspas has two models, Baltic and Adriatic, like the seas that give them their names, offering an experience of relaxation and rest through their high-quality equipment.

These swimspas feature up to 50 jets, 10 pool acrylic colors, and 3 cabinet colors for complete customization Speakers, thermal cover, bluethoot systems, headrest and access ladder, they are other of the comforts that you can enjoy within the Mare Range.

The Mare Range also has the possibility of including in your swimspa an elegant bar with two stools, and for a more complete exercise of the whole body, a counter-current swim bar and a Fitness rope.

As always, the acrylic comes from ARISTECH ACRYLICS (USA) and the electronics are guaranteed by BALBOA WATER GROUP (USA)


18 jets
568x240x130 cm
21.900€See in detail


We present the Ocean Range, conceived for the most demanding, with large swimming pools and cozy spas, where the concept of sport and relaxation come together in a unique leisure space. An elegant and simple swimspa, with straight shapes, where you can adapt the design.

These three models, Antarctic, Magnus and Arctic, have the highest capacity of all swimspa ranges, reaching 15,000 liters in Swim and 1,670 liters in SPA.

Within this range, highly equipped, we can find Headrests, Roman Fountains, Thermal Cover, Led Light, in addition to many other things. We have a total of 142 Jets that will provide us with a pleasant head-to-foot massage.

This range also includes the BALBOA WATER GROUP (USA) guaranteed electronics and acrylic from ARISTECH ACRYLICS (EE .UU)


135 jets
750x220x142 cm
38.900€See in detail

Official Technical Service

We have Official Technical Service throughout the national territory for your total peace of mind.

Your well-being is our commitment

We have Technical Service in all the Communities of Spain with a fast and efficient response time


We guarantee that all our Spas offer unmatched water pressure for all your jets


One of our fundamental principles and most appreciated by our customers


Follow our advice and you will barely feel the expense on your electric bill


The most important hotel chains have chosen Goccia Spa and this is only possible by offering an incomparable product and service


All our systems enjoy the most recent innovations of the sector, which we show in the different Fairs and Exhibition Halls that are throughout the national territory

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