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Lounger Backrest

Lounger Backrest

Roman sources

Sitting position

Skimmer Filtration

Control Panel TP-400 Balboa

Illuminated coasters

Regulating Valves

Underwater focus

Illuminated Roman Fountains

Min Perimeter LEDs

Illuminated head

Brown PVC Outdoor Furniture

Gray PVC Outdoor Furniture

PVC colors

Our PVC furniture is perfectly prepared to withstand the most adverse weather conditions and comes in two beautiful colors perfect for any combination in both interior and exterior decoration.


Pressure & Jets

Medium-performance spa with 46 jets evenly distributed to offer correct hydrotherapy in all its positions

46 jets
1×3 Cv Whirlpool pump

Volume & Weight

Its reduced height offers a minimalist image reducing its visual impact. Its lightness and size makes it easy to transport and place, and its low water capacity means it does not have a high electrical consumption.

Net weight: 280 Kg
Water capacity: 1360L
Size: 220x220x78cm

Whirlpool Power

The 46 hydrotherapy jets are equally distributed throughout the acrylic, offering a complete massage throughout the body, which is supported by a 3 CV water pump that guarantees high hydromassage pressure for all its jets. The water pressure can be adjusted through the air regulating valves, adjusting the massage to the needs of each client. The Rienza Model also has a water flow regulating valve that allows you to choose the power channeling between its seats and thus be able to divert the maximum power to either of its two positions.

Comfort & Convenience

Despite being a small Spa, it has two very spacious ergonomic loungers that guarantee comfort even for large people.

Spaciousness = Comfort = Relaxation = Pleasure

Energy consumption

The Rienza model has a maximum electrical consumption of 4500 W. The low water capacity of the Spa pool means that daily heating consumption is as limited as possible for a Spa. On the other hand, the BALBOA WATER GROUP (USA) electronics allows us to reduce heating consumption by activating the ECONOMY Mode through which we can only heat the water during filtration periods.

GS Series Balboa Water Group (USA)


The Gs family is based on a universal control platform that increases feature flexibility while reducing installation and configuration issues. The units incorporate Balboa’s patented M7 temperature probe technology, which eliminates the most failure-prone pressure switches and simplifies the installation process by not having to drill additional holes in the spa. The fundamental characteristics of this series are durability, functionality and easy handling.

Aristech Acrylics (USA)

The importance of the quality of the acrylic sheet in a hydromassage system is very relevant since it is the only part that cannot be replaced. In general, the useful life of a hydromassage system is marked by the resistance of the acrylic; at Goccia Spa we know that the more durability it offers, the longer the system will achieve. Aristech Acrylics, LLC is a global market leader in acrylic sheet applications used in countertops, bathtubs, showers, and indoor and outdoor spas and is currently one of only three acrylic manufacturers that can produce a continuous cast sheet.

High Resistance PVC Furniture

The PVC furniture is made to withstand adverse weather conditions such as cold, snow, heat and humidity for a long period of years. Designed in long vertical panels and available in two colours, perfect for any combination in both interior and exterior decoration.


Simple ornamentation to encourage further therapy and relaxation

7 color underwater led
3 Roman fountains led

The Rienza model has a 5-inch underwater LED with multicolor sequential change that allows its 1360 liters to be illuminated, causing the user a feeling of general satisfaction thanks to the multiple benefits of chromotherapy.


The Rienza model has three Roman fountains that drive illuminated water that on the one hand will provide a feeling of relaxation thanks to the sound of the water, which has the quality of producing a calming and healing effect and on the other hand will considerably increase the chromotherapy of the Spa .

  • Modelo : Rienza
  • Medidas : 220x220x78 cm
  • Sistema Electrónico : BALBOA WATER GROUP
  • Capacidad Personas : 5 personas
  • Posiciones : 2 tumbados / 3 sentados
  • Reposacabezas : 3 pcs
  • Posavasos LED: 4 pcs
  • Total Jets : 46 pcs
  • Surfing Rotating Jets 5″ : 3 pcs
  • Jumbo Jets 3.5″ : 8 pcs
  • Small Jets 2″ : 25 pcs
  • Jets de Aire: 10 pcs
  • Fuentes Romanas LED : 3 pcs
  • Leds Perimetrales : 12 pcs
  • Leds Subacuático : 1 pcs
  • Peso Neto : 280 Kgs
  • Capacidad de Agua : 1.360 L
  • Bombas de Hidromasaje – Recirculación (2 velocidades): 1x3Cv
  • Bombas de Aire : 1×0.4Kw
  • Calentador : 1x3Kw
  • Ozonizador : 1 pcs
  • Desinfección Ultravioleta : 1 pcs
  • Filtros papel: 1 pcs
  • Reposacabezas: 3 pcs
  • Estructura metálica de alta resistencia : INCLUIDO
  • Cubierta térmica : INCLUIDA
  • Escalera de acceso : INCLUIDA
  • Base de fibra de vidrio : INCLUIDA
  • Mueble Exterior PVC: INCLUIDO
  • Filtration by sand or glass bed
  • Access railing
  • Hedge lifter
  • Heat pump

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Other Calma Range Options


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