Buying Tips for a Spa

Buy from a company that gives you the security of offering you a responsible after-sales service, in which they offer you direct contact with the technical service to resolve as many clarifications as you may need, since, especially at the beginning, doubts may arise regarding the maintenance of the water. The more infrastructure the selling company has, the better service it will offer you, a simple online web page can open and close under another name, and you have inadvertently lost the warranty and future spare parts.

It is of paramount importance that the selling company offers you professional and qualified technical service as close as possible to your Spa, which guarantees a fast and efficient response time, this is even more accentuated if your installation is a public hotel service, gym, beauty center or similar.

Even if they tell you that the installation is really simple, YOU SHOULD NEVER BUY FROM A COMPANY THAT DOES NOT OFFER YOU INSTALLATION AND TECHNICAL SERVICE, because if they do not install it when there is a fault, they will not repair it either, they will only send you the damaged part. Connecting the Spa is very simple but repairing it can be a very complicated task, it is an exclusive job for professional technicians with experience in the sector.

Goccia Spa has technical service in practically all the provinces of Spain thanks to a large extent to the number of distributors that we have throughout Spain.

Be very careful when buying from companies with tax headquarters in other countries such as ANDORRA, FRANCE or PORTUGAL because you will really be buying from a foreign company that is governed by the legislation of your country, so you must be very careful with guarantees and possible future claims.

Una empresa que le ofrece innovación, tanto en diseño como en maquinaria, que continuamente presenta novedades, adaptándose a las necesidades y tendencias del mercado, es una empresa con proyección de futuro. Nuestra empresa expone sus novedades anualmente en la FERIA INTERNACIONAL DE LA PISCINA Y WELLNESS, celebrada en Lyon y Barcelona.

Goccia Spa le ofrece siempre la máxima innovación y prueba de ello son las continuas novedades que podrá observar en nuestra sección de Novedades.

When you purchase a high-quality Spa, you acquire a product with a very high durability that you will perfectly be able to enjoy for 25 or 30 years, which is why investing a little more in a high-performance, quality product really does not mean more than a larger initial outlay but that by enjoying it for so long the investment can be very useful. Our advice is that you buy quality products for this type of product because at the end of its life it will have turned out to be profitable and you will have enjoyed a high-performance Spa.

One of our maximum premises is the following slogan:

“The reliability of the product comes first, putting cost before this premise can be a risk of irreparable solution”.

There are many companies that offer Spas with a large number of jets but with very little diversity of hydromassage. A high-performance Spa is not a Spa that only offers 160 unidirectional and one-inch jets, a high-performance Spa is one that manages to offer you 160 jets divided between unidirectional, rotary, cervical, and of course jets of more than one inch. , you must also take into account the rest of the features, such as waterfalls, fountains, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, audio and filtrations.

Goccia Spa offers you the Spas with the highest performance on the world market.

Make sure that neither the guarantee nor the conditions of sale carry small print. You may see 20 or 25 year warranty stamps, which all they mean is that they give you a guarantee on small unbreakable parts such as saddle blocks, fan covers, screws, etc… That has a name and it’s called misleading advertising. The guarantee must be clear and concise and the more guarantee they offer you, the better, since it means that the selling company has more confidence in its product.

NEVER ACCEPT AN ACRYLIC WARRANTY WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE OSMOSIS BECAUSE IT MEANS THAT POSSIBLE BUBBLES IN THE ACRYLIC DOES NOT COME INTO THE WARRANTY. On the one hand, this is ILLEGAL and on the other, you should know that when bubbles appear in a spa, the only solution is to replace the spa, so if it is not included in the guarantee, you have been left without a Spa at the expense of the respective legal claims.

Goccia Spa offers you a clear, concise and responsible guarantee in accordance with current legislation.

When you buy a system with as much electronics as a spa, the supply of all its electronic parts must be guaranteed for the future. If you buy a spa with unknown electronics and in the future the company that sold it to you disappears from the market, you may have a serious problem for replace any electronic parts, which is why we advise you to purchase spas with electronics (USA). This American firm does not manufacture spas, it only manufactures components for spas. Currently, the most prestigious spa factories in the world install BALBOA because its reliability and innovation is unmatched.

It is very possible that at the moment of selling you the Spa they will tell you that this electronics is conventional and easy to find. Our advice is never to buy a Spa without being given the name of the electronics manufacturer and thus be able to check if it really is easily accessible.

For example, in recent years, rural tourism has experienced an enormous boom in Spain and there have been many hotels and rural houses that have demanded hydromassage tubs to provide a service that sets them apart. Most of the products purchased were real hydromassage bathtubs. spectacular with very striking illuminated touch panels but when these panels stopped working they could not be replaced because the two companies that best sold these products have closed. These establishments have gone from having spectacular bathtubs to having water tanks.

Buying BALBOA WATER GROUP electronics means buying security and guarantee of spare parts.

Do not buy the wooden furniture, buy only imitation PVC, you must understand that a high-quality spa is prepared to last perfectly 25 or 30 years, while wood does not have as much durability, even if you treat it, the wood will dilate and widen while that the PVC furniture will have the same appearance throughout life.

Be careful when purchasing a spa with a retractable television screen, as these screens have a mechanical motor installed to raise and lower the screen, which suffers high wear and tear over time. To change this motor you have to disassemble the screen and it costs many hours of work.

It must also be taken into account that at least twice a year the rails must be greased because if it is not done they rust easily, and as soon as the rust appears it is very possible that it either makes an annoying noise when raising and lowering the screen or simply no longer go up or down. It is also very possible that the screen stays halfway and can no longer cover the Spa with the thermal cover.

On the other hand, it must be understood that a high-quality spa is prepared to have a very high durability while the technology of the screens is in a continuous process of innovation, so that in 10 years you can continue to have a spa working perfectly and a screen obsolete.

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