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Custom design wood saunas

What better way to accompany your wellness area than with a Finnish Sauna. We manufacture your custom wooden sauna with the design that best fits your style. We have 4 wood finishes, Nordic fir, ayous, red cedar and birch. Choose the composition and internal distribution of the banks and decide how you want the walls, finished in wood or tempered glass with high heat resistance. All of them can be combined with perimeter RGB LED lighting, halogen, RGB after backrest and starry roof.

We are Manufacturers

We build custom

We work all Woods

We manufacture all kinds of Saunas

We adapt to your Needs

Why buy a Goccia Spa Sauna?

We are a company that over the years we have managed to establish as one of the leading companies in the national market in the manufacture of Finnish Saunas. The large number of satisfied clients, both professional and private, guarantee our trajectory and dedication.

Among our staff we have wood professionals with high experience in the construction of Finnish Saunas that provide us with the greatest innovation in construction and assembly techniques.

Being manufacturers we can adjust to the needs of each idea or each project getting the best the best prices in the market .

We handle the entire process from commercial advice to manufacturing, installation and after sales service. </ span >

Personal and professional attention

In our company we are characterized by providing a close and close service to the client, advising him from the beginning to make decisions appropriate to your project, executing it according to your tastes and preferences and offering an excellent after-sales service.

Traditional Sauna

The traditional Sauna is characterized by fir-wood installation, it is a wood that comes from northern Europe, mainly from Finland, which is worked and handled very well. One of its fundamental characteristics is the knots and its light color that resists very well over time.

Sauna Design

The design Sauna is characterized by the installation of clean, knot-free woods , whether Ayous woods, Red Cedar or straight line design in ABEDUL. The trend of recent years marks an increase in glass in the construction of Saunas and innovation in lighting.

Outdoor Sauna

The outdoor Sauna is characterized by a construction with thicker wood panels resistant, roofs to different waters, the highest possible tightness and continuous maintenance of the wood in contact with the outside.

Create your own Sauna

1. Choose the wood

Abeto Nórdico
Cedro Rojo

2. Configure the walls

L glass front
Glass front without wood frame on door
Wooden front with wooden frame on door
Combination of glass and wood with fixed window

3. Build the banks

Flown banks
  • They allow easier cleaning of the floor.
  • Not recommended for public use.
  • If they exceed one and a half meters they should be reinforced with support.
Bancos cerrados
  • Hard floor cleaning.
  • Recommendations for public use.
  • High load capacity.

3.1 Configure them

  • Banks must be at least 45 cm wide.
  • Between the measures of the stove (models from 3 to 12 Kw) and the safety distance to be left with the Users need a space of 60 cm.

Taking into account these two factors and the interior measurements of the cabin, we can manufacture banks to suit the client

4. Choose the door

PREMIUM door without wooden frame. Inox visagras.
Basic door with wooden frame.
Wooden door with secure closure

5. And finally, choose the lighting

RGB after backrest
Starry sky.
RGB cantilever line
Basic lighting

Custom projects

If you have a closed or semi-open space that you want to convert into a Finnish sauna, let us know and we will design a personalized sauna for your tastes and needs.

In all our saunas we include the Sauna Kit:

  • Bucket and dipper
  • Hourglass
  • Thermo – Hygrometer
  • Stones
  • Eucalyptus and wooden heads
Your well-being is our commitment

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