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4 persons / 1 swimmer
32 jets
590 x 228 x 150 cm
1.500 Kg

830 l / 5.800 l

26.200€ Request budget


A unique Michael Phelps swim spa has a wide, gentle stream so you can swim, jog, walk or exercise in the water without the stress that gravity places on your body. The spa massage jets relieve tension and pain that may have built up during the day. The water temperature is always perfect, because you choose it, throughout the year.

General characteristics

The most powerful countercurrent swimming system on the market, maintains a flow rate of up to 1200 m3 per hour, the water channel is constant and without turbulence, scalable with 52 speeds managed with a remote control. You can include a mirror on the floor to improve our posture and follow the instructions of our coach directly.

If what you want is to improve your swimming level or train for triathlon or you are a swimmer. This is your usual system. Recommended for professional swimmers.

The unique side wall construction and rounded end of the TruSwim® swim spa shell ensures that the exercise path remains smooth and uninterrupted from start to finish. By dividing the return stream evenly, the rounded tip design creates a natural path along the smooth sidewalls to the return vents for an unobstructed swim path with more balanced resistance.

We would like to introduce our Olympic Range of swim spas to the market, to fully meet the demand of professional swimmers and athletes. The Olympic swim spa is equipped with an axial flow pump from 2.8Kw to 5.6Kw, with nine adjustable speeds. The axial flow pump, or AFP, is a type of pump that essentially consists of a propeller (an axial impeller) in the swim spa. The propeller can be directly driven by a sealed variable frequency electric motor mounted in a hydroroecium circle to produce a powerful flow of water, to offer endless swimming sport in limited space. How powerful is it? According to our tests, a 2.8Kw PRO swim spa running at 5-6 speeds is enough for a grown woman, and 6-7 speeds is enough for a grown man, and 8-9 speeds are being left for the challengers.

Propeller systems are a big step up from jets. Located at the front of the pool, they also push water into the bathing area. But propellers can move between 5,000 and 7,000 gallons of water per minute. The stream of water is much stronger, wider, deeper and smoother than the jets.

Propeller water systems create effective and efficient water flow. Usually in the mid-price range, they are a good investment for the money. You can swim, exercise, and relax in a propeller-driven lap pool. Most propeller systems are less noisy than jets. Look for propeller systems with variable speeds to suit different levels of capacity.

Powerful swimming pumps

To swim hard, you first need powerful pumps. When looking at different pumps, ignore the pump’s power rating in favor of its GPM (gallons per minute) rating.

Two pumps with identical HP values ​​can produce very different currents. The 5HP AquaBoost pumps used by Hydropool swim spas, for example, produce a flow of 360 gpm – more than some 7HP pumps! These powerful pumps enable Hydropool’s AquaTrainer swim spas to produce swim currents of up to 18 km / h.

Electronic valves

Most swim spas can only vary their currents between 20% and 30%. A swim spa with a maximum speed of 10 km / h, for example, can only be reduced to between 7-8 km / h. The reason for this is that they use Jacuzzi style manual valves to control their flow. These valves are simply not robust enough to adequately handle the amount of water needed to drive swim currents.

Electronic valves are much stronger and allow proper current control. The electronic valve that Hydropool uses in its AquaTrainer swim spas, for example, allows you to vary your swimming speed between 3 and 18 km / h.

This level of control means that anyone using the swim spa, regardless of swimming ability, will be able to find a comfortable speed for swimming.

AquaChannel shell design

The AquaChannel shell design is a swim spa shell designed by Hydropool to greatly reduce the amount of turbulence in the swim lane. It does this with two specially designed protrusions on the “therapy end” of the swim spa. These bumps cause the swim current to wrap around it and move harmlessly down the sides of the swim spa.

By forcing the water up the sides, rather than back into the swim lane, the AquaChannel housing eliminates turbulence caused by current “bouncing” off the walls of the swim spa.


No matter how the current is generated, there are 4 elements that make up a good swim spa current. These are:

1) a strong current

If you can easily overcome the flow, you won’t get all the fitness benefits that swim spas offer. The current must be strong enough to challenge you.

2) An easy to control current

A current that cannot be properly controlled is not very good, however powerful it may be. If you cannot vary the speed of the water enough, the current may be too strong for some to enjoy the swim spa.

3) A gentle stream

In addition to being powerful and controllable, the swim current must also be relatively smooth. It is difficult to swim in turbulent water as it pushes you in unpredictable ways.

4) A wide lane for swimming

The swim spa’s “swim lane” is the area where you can actually feel the water pushing through you. The wider the swim lane, the easier it is to stay in the current and the more enjoyable the swimming experience will be.

Cardio and toning

You will feel clumsy and slow, but in reality you are training as intensively as if you were running on asphalt. You have to continually overcome the resistance of the water and that is a specific strength work that will strengthen your muscles and at the same time increase the pulsation. It is one of the best ways to combine cardio and strength in the same workout. In a 45-minute session you can burn between 300 and 500 calories, which is why it also favors weight loss.

Joint impact

Aquarunning is your best ally when you have suffered an injury, especially the knee, since you exercise all the muscles without damaging the joints. By eliminating the joint impact so present when we run, we reduce the risk of relapse, and it helps us to stay in shape until we can run on firm ground. But you don’t have to be injured to train in the water, protecting your joints with low-impact activities is wise. And more if we run, we want our knees to last as long as possible in the best state.

Cardiovascular health

Being an aerobic activity, you considerably reduce the risk of heart disease and improve blood pressure. The fact that it is low impact does not mean that it is low intensity, but rather that it has low joint impact but enough intensity to raise the heart rate.

Race technique

Most runners have small stride defects that reduce their efficiency during race practice. During the practice of aquarunning, the resistance of the water forces the legs to seek the most efficient path, which strengthens the muscles and improves the stride, making it more effective when we run on firm ground.

Aquatic exercise is a low-impact activity that reduces pressure on bones, joints, and muscles. In addition, the water offers a natural resistance, which helps to strengthen the muscles. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that you can do aquatic exercise if you cannot swim, since there are multiple alternatives and aquatic exercises that can be performed without the need to stop having contact with the ground.

To walk in the water the height at which the water is important is important, the higher it is, the more resistance it will make us, it is most advisable that the height of the water does not exceed the person’s waist, it is important to avoid walking on the tips of standing, and keep your back straight.

To increase resistance, hands and arms can be moved through the water, another option is the use of hand cloths or other devices to increase resistance. Proper rubber footwear is highly recommended to help maintain traction at the bottom of the pool.

Running underwater as part of rehab

Running underwater can be an excellent substitute for running while rehabilitating an injury, since its execution requires the use of the same muscles with the benefit of avoiding the harsh consequences of gravity.

Not all injuries require the same treatment, however running underwater is most beneficial for treating injuries such as leg fractures, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. In addition, running underwater is not only indicated for the prevention of injuries, it can substitute one or two weekly races to maintain the level of physical conditioning avoiding the risk of injuries associated with high mileage.

There are two techniques for running underwater: one in waist-deep water in which you run with your feet resting on the bottom of the pool, and another in which the runner is immersed enough in the water that their feet are not. they manage to touch the bottom of the pool. In this second technique the runners replicate the movement of running by staying in the same place or moving slowly forward. Both techniques work the body in a similar way and require the same mechanics.

When running underwater, the body must remain as vertical as possible avoiding the forward leaning of the chest and maintaining the coordinated movement of the arms and legs similar to the movement they perform when running on land. When running underwater, a flotation belt can be used, recommended for beginners until they feel comfortable in the water to progress to running without the belt.

Technical characteristics

Model: Gold
Measures: 590x228x150cm
Electronic System: BALBOA WATER GROUP BP6013G3
Capacity People: 4 people / 1 swimmer
Bluetooth Wireless System: Optional
Net Weight: 1,500 Kgs
Water Capacity: 830 l / 5.800 l
Acrylic Colors: 10 colors available
Pvc Furniture Colors: 3 colors available
Thermal Cover: 1 pcs
Access Ladder: 1 pcs

Structure and Cover

High-strength metal structure: included
Thermal Cover: included
Insulation in acrylic glass
Access ladder


Total Jets: 32 pcs
Rotating water jets 5¨: 6 pcs
Rotating water jets 3.5¨: pcs
3.5¨ water jets: 10 pcs
Rotating water jets 2.5¨: 4 pcs
2.5¨ water jets: 8 pcs
Ozone disinfection: 1 pcs
Leds 1¨: 21 pcs
Underwater Led 5¨: 1 pcs
Headrest: 2 pcs


Pro Swim Jets: 1 pcs
Overflow system: 1 pcs
Perimeter LEDs: 30 pcs
Underwater Led: 1 pcs
Ozone disinfection: 1 pcs



Hydromassage Pumps: 2x2Cv
Recirculation Pumps: 1×0.35Cv
Heater: 1x3Kw
Air Valves: 4 pcs
Ozone disinfection: 1 pcs
Water Capacity: 830 l
Paper Filters: 2 pcs


Pro Swim Swimming Pump: 1×2.8Kw
Recirculation Pump: 1x1Cv
Heater: 1x3Kw
Ozone disinfection: 1 pcs
Ultraviolet disinfection: 1 pcs
Water capacity: 5,800 l
Pool filters per vitreous bed: 1 pcs



Bluetooth and Speakers
Pool filtration by vitreous bed (spa area)
Fiberglass base
Automatic Cover Lifter
Hydraulic cover lifter
Access railing

Opciones Aquagym

Fitness ropes
Aquatic treadmill
Water bike

Official technical service

We have an Official Technical Service throughout the national territory for your complete peace of mind.

Your well-being is our commitment

We have a Technical Service in all the Communities of Spain with a fast and efficient response time


We guarantee that all our Spas offer unmatched water pressure for all their jets


One of our fundamental principles and that our clients appreciate the most


Follow our advice and you will hardly feel the expense on your electricity bill


The most important hotel chains have chosen Goccia Spa and this is only possible by offering an incomparable product and service


All our systems enjoy the most recent innovations in the sector, which we show in the different Fairs and Showrooms that exist throughout the national territory

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