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Custom Design Spas

At Goccia Spa delves deeper into the world of manufacturing and designing spas, using materials such as stainless steel and expanded high-density polystyrene, EPS. With these materials we get exclusive designs adapted to the needs of our customers.

Our product is specially designed for humid areas and has the characteristic of being a thermal, resistant, light, ecological and 100% recyclable insulator, which is made with high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) and water-repellent synthetic resin mortar.

Composite Properties

  • High density expanded polystyrene core.
  • Great thermal characteristics.
  • Conductance coefficient: 0.032 w / ºk.
  • Alkali resistant fiberglass mesh, specially made for elements in water areas.
  • Coating mortar developed by Goccia Spa.
  • Sustainable construction, provides great energy savings.
  • Amortization for the client and its installation.
  • Quick and dry construction.
Iconos Spas Personalizados servicio tecnico

We put at your service a technical department for the correct development of the project and total personalized attention so that you meet the highest expectations of our customers.

Iconos Spas Personalizados 3D

One of the enormous advantages that we offer is the possibility that interested people can configure their spa or pool with all the possible options and once it has been configured they can instantly see a 3D infographic with the final finish.

Spas, Swimspas or Composite pools

Depending on the type of project, they can be manufactured as follows:

  • Glasses composed of a single piece, measures up to 3.50×6 meters. (Transport by gondola)
  • Glasses with measures 2.40×6 meters. (Ordinary transport)
  • Glasses with measures 4×2.2 meters. (Coated)

Sizing from Factory

  • For the proper study of our pieces, we always study each case according to the needs of the project.
  • In the case of spas, swimspas or large modular pools, we will carry out the study of loads necessary to support the sheet of water.

Customer benefits

  • Cup completely made of insulating material.
  • Zero losses of heat by transmittance in the glass, we will only have loss by evaporation in case of not covering the surface of the spa, swimspas or swimming pools.
  • Taking advantage of the first moment of the heat of the water.
  • Cero fugas de calor por inercia térmica del hormigón.
  • Zero heat leakage due to thermal inertia of the concrete.
  • Great energy savings and regular energy consumption.

Steps to follow to configure your Spa or Swimspa to Measure

1. Choose the height x width x depth or diameter measurements if you want to circulate, these measurements will define the shape of our Spa or Swimspa.

2. Choose whether we want overflowing perimeter, with or without grid. If this option is chosen, it will be necessary to take into account the installation of a compensation glass in the technical room.

3. Seleccionar la distribución interna, como cuantas tumbonas queremos, banco corrido y tipo de escalera.

4. Choose the desired lighting, between white light or RGB.

5. Choose decorative elements such as waterfalls, Roman fountains, railings, etc.

6. Choose finishes for the jets, either white PVC or stainless steel.

7. Choose between glassy milk filtration or paper filter.

8. Finally we will go on to configure the plating finish. Gresite or Tile.

Accessories and Complements included as standard

1. Balboa Water Group Electronics.

2. Hayward Recirculating Pump.

3. Component of the high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) cup and water-resistant mortar of synthetic resins.

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