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Filter and Dosing System

Filtration Systems

Vitreous bed filtration

The glassy filter bed is more efficient than other filter media because it saves on washing and water, as well as on energy costs and chemical treatments:

  1. Its angular shape and its silica content improve turbidity by 30%.
  2. It generally collects finer particles from the water than its silex sand equivalent.
  3. Its non-porous shape prevents clods or preferential channels from forming.
  4. With superior permeability, washes take less time, saving water, energy and chemical treatments.
  5. It is kept cleaner than other filter media and is less susceptible to bio-fouling due to its smooth surface, thus bacteria cannot be trapped in cracks or grooves, which means less use of chemical products.
  6. The glassy filter bed needs less material:
    • It is less dense than silex, requiring 15% less product.
    • It has a longer life because it does not degrade and does not need to be changed.

Filtration by sand

Silica sand is a natural filtering agent used by nature, and this principle applies to this filtration system. The water is cleaned by passing through a sand tank. These types of filters can work non-stop for weeks or months, before backwashing is necessary to clean and remove the sand bed inside the filter.

When the manometer indicates that the pressure reached is very high, the position multi valve is changed, reversing the direction of the water flow, and dirt and unwanted particles are poured into the drain. In general, the Spa does not leave space to install it inside, so it is normally installed outside the Spa, either in a prefabricated house or in an adjacent technical room. The main advantages of this type of filtration are the low maintenance it requires, its great filtration capacity and its durability.

Paper cartridge filters

This type of filtration is the one that comes standard in all our Spas and Swimspas and is always installed in the skimmer.
Cartridge filters base cleaning on replaceable cartridges, which last for about a year and should be cleaned every week.
The great advantage is the ease of cleaning and its installation.

Filter cleaning

In order for the filter to perform its function correctly, continuous maintenance must be carried out, which in most cases is reduced to washing. The frequency changes depending on the use of the Spa, although the best indicator will be if you consider that the water does not seem as clean as before. Cleaning the cartridge filters is very simple: simply remove the cartridges and use pressurized water to remove the dirt that has accumulated.

In the case of sand or diatom filters, a good indicator that the filter needs to go through the cleaning process is its increased pressure (see manometer).

Sand and diatom filters offer backwash (or backwash). With this system it is possible to reverse the direction of flow of the water in the filter and, with this, the dirt is expelled into the drain.

  • To carry out the washing, the following steps must be followed:
  • Deactivate the pump.
  • Maneuver the selector valve to the backwash position.
  • Activate the pump and leave it running for approximately half an hour, until it is observed that the water that returns to the Spa glass comes out very clear and clean.
  • Rinse to resettle sand or diatoms. The process is the same as with washing, first the pump is switched off, then the selector valve is placed in the rinse position and finally the pump is activated for five minutes.

Chemical Products Dosing System

Manual Dosing

  • Water should generally be treated with only two chemicals, which we explain below:
  • Bromine is the substitute for chlorine that is used in hot waters since chlorine at high temperatures changes state, and is harmful to the health, acrylic and PVC components of the spa. Depending on what the analyzer indicates, the quantity of Bromine tablets is introduced, which must be placed in the existing tray inside the skimmer. More or less the pill comes to last between a week or ten days.
  • Reducer or Enhancer of Ph, the correct Ph for the recreational use of thermal waters must be between 7.2 and 7.6, taking into account this factor must be introduced directly into the water of the glass of the Spa reducer or enhancer of Ph. The product must be introduced in small quantities in order not to exceed the marked parameters. In general, the most widely used is the reducer since the external agents to the spa water such as dust, vegetation or the sun itself cause a rise in the Ph levels that must be subtracted. High Ph (above 7.6) can cause skin irritation or itching and generally muddy the water, on the contrary a low Ph (below 7.2) causes corrosion of the spa installation and components.

To analyze the Ph and Bromine levels in water, there are several types of analyzers, they can be with tablets, strips, digital, etc.
Apart from the treatments mentioned, there are other products to solve other problems with water, such as algicides to treat algae, and flocculants to dissolve solid particles in the Spa water. But the basis for treating spa water is made by regulating Bromine and Ph.

Automatic Dispensers

  • POOL BASIC. This team is aimed at private use facilities. It is a chemical doser-analyzer that doses bromine and ph automatically. The BROMO is injected by means of a joker and an electrovalve, this is sent by a probe that analyzes the water in real time. PH is introduced through a peristaltic pump inserted into the dispenser and controlled by a probe, the injection of PH is done by suction.
    This team is aimed at public use facilities such as hotels, gyms and spas. This system analyzes and doses bromine and ph also automatically. The BROMO is analyzed by means of a sensor inserted in the equipment itself, it is more sensitive than the joker installed in the previous system, and through a solenoid valve the bromine is injected into the pipeline circuit, the PH is introduced through from a selenoid pump driven by a probe all in real time. Unlike the pool basic equipment, this professional system automatically saves all records of ph and bromine levels and corrects decompensation levels in the water faster. It also alerts with alarms any problem that the equipment itself has with the water, which it could not solve by itself. The BASIC PROFESSIONAL unit is ready to connect to any PC, in which all the parameters will be registered.

Spas and Swimspas generally do not leave space inside for the installation of dosing equipment, so it is necessary to install a prefabricated house or an adjacent technical room.

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