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Spas to disconnect in your garden or terrace

Below you can see our wide range of spa models for private and public use. We have 5 collections according to the different characteristics or benefits. We must highlight the Eleganza collection, we have designed spas in straight lines. Going through the Potenza collection.


The Calm Range has been designed to meet the needs of certain customers who want benefits and quality at affordable costs. That is why we have developed a series of spas with these characteristics.

Hydrotherapy benefits are average, with a number of jets ranging from 30 to 100 units providing massage from the soles of the feet to the cervical. They also offer outstanding equipment such as Perimeter chromotherapy, Underwater LED, Waterfalls, Roman fountains or Flower fountains.

They are models designed for the whole family and / or to enjoy with friends with capacity for 5 or 6 seats and all with measures of 200×200 cm.

Like all our systems, the BALBOA WATER GROUP (USA) electronic warranty and the acrylic from ARISTECH ACRYLICS ( USA).


25 jets
210x160x75 cm
5.600€See in detail


25 jets
180x180x82 cm
5.700€See in detail


30 jets
200x200x81 cm
6.600€See in detail


30 jets
200 x 94 cm
6.700€See in detail


36 jets
220x220x78 cm
6.700€See in detail


The Potenza Range encompasses spas with higher performance in hydrotherapy of the world market, offering 123 to 162 jets and a maximum of 9 HP of power in hydromassage.

All models have the so-called Big Surfing Jets , which in a very small space of the body inject 7 inches of continuous hydromassage, which translates into an important aid in the recovery of muscle and joint injuries.

Acquiring a spa of the Mitto, Tsunami, Giulia, Persia, Cyclone or Maximus models guarantees a therapy from the soles of the feet to the cervical , passing through legs, buttocks, lumbar and dorsal, combining water and air massage.

The positions are wide and ergonomic allowing a comfortable and pleasant massage .

Standard Pop-Up Speakers and Bluetooth , LED Air Jets, Waterfalls, Roman Fountains are installed and LED flower fonts.


41 jets
190x135x73 cm
5.600€See in detail


83 jets
210x160x89 cm
7.900€See in detail


94 jets
200x200x84 cm
8.300€See in detail


102 jets
220x220x97 cm
9.500€See in detail


123 jets
240x240x96 cm
11.500€See in detail


162 jets
240x240x96 cm
11.500€See in detail


The Purezz range includes a series of Spas with an innovative and cutting-edge design in straight lines and finishes with white as the predominant color, trying to convey clarity, tranquility and good energies And all this without sacrificing high performance in hydrotherapy.

Both the design of the acrylic hull and the exterior furniture breaks with the traditional canons in the design of outdoor hydromassage systems. The clear hue of all its elements makes it very easy to combine with any space, garden or landscape.

Acquiring a spa of this range guarantees a different Spa, current and with a very complete therapy that offers a wide and varied whirlpool with high pressure of water for all your jets.


29 jets
210x160x86 cm
7.500€See in detail


51 jets
200x200x92 cm
7.900€See in detail


57 jets
220x220x95 cm
8.600€See in detail


89 jets
230x240x95 cm
9.300€See in detail


The Eleganza Range is designed to solve the huge trend that the market offers to offer an elegant, simple and straight-shaped product that suits to the interior design of minimalist and avant-garde spaces, that is why we have developed acrylic molds adapted to these needs and all this without sacrificing high performance in hydromassage.

Balboa Water Group provides for this series the home automation controls of the BP SYSTEM range with wifi modular to be controlled from mobile devices providing maximum control of the different spa parameters.

The installed displays are from the PANEL TOUCH range of Balboa , these are tactile controls reinforced with fiberglass and with a state-of-the-art design.


36 jets
210x170x96 cm
8.700€See in detail


54 jets
220x220x96 cm
11.100€See in detail


52 jets
220x220x96 cm
11.100€See in detail


66 jets
220x250x96 cm
11.700€See in detail


The Spa models of the Public Range of GOCCIA SPA have been designed to give a renewed solution to a huge demand for such systems by from the professional sector.

GOCCIA SPA is always at the service of maximum innovation, proof of this is that in this range we launch the concept COMPACT SPA , in which All the necessary machinery and technical requirements in the installation of a public spa are inserted inside the Spa, forming a single body and creating an adjacent technical room unnecessary.

  • Features:
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Need to create a technical room
  • Installation site of your choice

We also make available to our customers the possibility of buying the spa by Kits which would be traditionally installed in an adjacent technical room.

Another important aspect to highlight is the high performance hydromassage offered by our systems, unknown so far in public-use spas, combining rotational, unidirectional and air massages.

The products of the GOCCIA SPA public range comply with the strict regulations in force of the EC in terms of cleaning and water hygiene.


26 jets
240x240x100 cm
15.400€See in detail


45 jets
240x240x100 cm
15.400€See in detail


88 jets
380x240x100 cm
23.700€See in detail

Official technical service

We have Official Technical Service throughout the national territory for your total peace of mind.

Your well-being is our commitment

We have Technical Service in all the Communities of Spain with a fast and efficient response time


We guarantee that all our Spas offer unmatched water pressure for all your jets


One of our fundamental principles and most appreciated by our customers


Follow our advice and you will barely feel the expense on your electric bill


The most important hotel chains have chosen Goccia Spa and this is only possible by offering an incomparable product and service


All our systems enjoy the most recent innovations of the sector, which we show in the different Fairs and Exhibition Halls that are throughout the national territory

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