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Technical support warranty:

A spa is a complex system that combines electronics withhydraulics. Also, it is a product which may suffer mechanical wear due to water hardness andinjected chemicals. Over the years spas can suffer failures and breakdowns, however good theymay be. Owing to this, it is of utmost importance that the company offers you a professionaland efficient after-sale service.

Customer service department:

The company consists of responsible, young professionals withfull work availability who in the first place put their heart in solving any doubts that may arise.After the technician’s explanation on how to operate the system, it’s fairly ordinary that somequestions may arise especially involving water maintenance. Nearly 95% of our customers needspecial attention from our customer service department after purchasing it and very often theycongratulate us for having such an excellent and quick service.

Broad experience:

Despite our fairly young age, we have over 15 years of experience andapproximately 750 installations made in the hydromassage sector. Thanks to this, we haveacquired a great knowledge of the product which is being applied to design and develop all ofour whirpool systems.

Test your spa:

We offer our future customers the opportunity to come and test our spas in ourstore, within an especially set-up area, wherewith they can confirm the quality and response ofour equipment on site as well as meeting GOCCIA SPA professionals in person.

Balboa electronics Water group (The US):

Balboa is considered a world-class electronicsmanufacturer for hydrotherapy due to key features from the company such as reliability andresistance. Aside from those features, there is another important fact that every customershould take into account when buying a spa, Balboa is committed to accessibility.

It is often the case that customers may find extremely difficult to buy a replacementcomponent for a spa with unknown electronics in case of suffering from a failure in the eventthat the selling company is no longer on the market. On the contrary, if you have Balboaelectronics installed, you will find the replacement very easily. When you buy products fromBalboa, you will not only buy RELIABILITY, but also SAFETY.

Electric energy consumption:

The electronics company Balboa provides us with the economymode option in our spas. Thus, the processes of water heating and filtering are activatedsimultaneously reducing considerably consumption of the circulation pump.

Highest therapeutic effect:

The complete variety of hydromassages which are offered is one ofour spas’ most remarkable features, reaching every part of your body ranging from the neck tothe sole of your feet.

Quality standards:

Our products meet the strictest European requirements as far asenvironmental and electronical issues are concerned.

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