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Shopping Tips

1. After Sales

Buy from a company that you are certain will offer you a responsible after-sales service, and will provide direct contact with the technical service to resolve any doubts or queries, because especially at first you might have doubts about water maintenance. The more infrastructure the seller has, the better the service it will be able to offer. A simple online website might open and close with another name, and without even noticing, you will have lost your guarantee and future replacements.

It is of paramount importance for the seller to provide a professional and qualified service as close as possible to your Spa, which will guarantee a quick and efficient response. This is especially important if your facility is a public service at a hotel, fitness center, beauty salon or similar.

No matter how much you are told that a system is very easy to install, NEVER BUY FROM A COMPANY THAT DOES NOT OFFER AN INSTALLATION AND TECHNICAL SERVICE. If they do not install the system, then they won’t repair it when it’s faulty either, they’ll only send you a replacement part. A Spa is very simple to connect, but much more difficult to repair. That is a job for experienced and professional specialists only.

Goccia Spa offers a technical service in virtually every province of Spain, largely thanks to the number of distributors that we have all around the country.

2. Attention

Beware of buying from companies based in other countries such as ANDORRA, FRANCE or PORTUGAL. You will really be buying from a foreign company that is governed by the laws of its own country, so you’ll need to be very careful with guarantees and possible future claims.

3. Innovation

A forward-looking company is one that offers innovation, both in design and equipment, and that constantly offers new features and adapts to market needs and trends. Our company presents its new products every year at the international PISCINA & WELLNESS aquatic exhibition in Barcelona and the PISCINE GLOBAL fair in Lyon.

Goccia Spa always offers the utmost innovation as shown by the constant new developments reported in our News section.

4. Quality

When you purchase a high quality Spa, you are purchasing a very long-lasting product that you will be perfectly able to enjoy for 25 to 30 years. That’s why investing a little more in a high performance and quality product means no more than a higher initial outlay. The major benefit is that you’ll get to enjoy your investment for so much longer. When buying a product like this, our advice is to buy quality. Because by the end of its useful life, you will have made real profits and will have enjoyed a high performance Spa.

One of our premises is the following

“Product reliability comes first. Putting cost first is a risk that may lead to irreparable problems”

5. Benefits

Many companies offer spas with a large number of jets but very little diversity in terms of hydro-massage. A high performance Spa doesn’t only offer 160 one-way, one-inch jets. A high performance Spa offers 160 jets that are one-way, rotating, cervical and of course more than one inch long. You need to take into account other features, such as waterfalls, fountains, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, audio and filtrations.

Goccia Spa offers the best features on the global market.

6. Warranty

Be careful with the small print in guarantees or sales conditions. You may find seals of guarantee for 20 or 25 years, but that might only cover small unbreakable parts like sillenblocks, fan covers, screws, etc … There’s a name for this and it’s false advertising. The guarantee must be clear and concise. The more guarantees it offers, the better. Because that means the seller is more confident about its product.

NEVER ACCEPT A GUARANTEE ON AN ACRYLIC SHELL THAT DOESN’T INCLUDE OSMOSIS BECAUSE THAT MEANS THAT POSSIBLE BUBBLES IN THE ACRYLIC SHELL ARE NOT COVERED. First, this is ILLEGAL. And second, you should know that when bubbles appear on a spa, the only solution is to replace it. So if this is not included in the guarantee, then you have lost your Spa unless you go though a long and expensive legal dispute.

Goccia Spa offers a clear, concise and responsible guarantee pursuant to applicable legislation

7. Electronics

When you buy a system with as many electronics as a spa, you need to be ensured a future supply of all the electronic parts. If you buy a spa with unknown electronic systems and the company that sold it disappears, then you might have serious problems replacing any electronic parts. That’s why we advise you to buy spas with electronics made by the www.balboawatergroup.com (USA). This American company does not manufacture spas. It only manufactures spa components. The most prestigious spa manufacturers in the world right now use BALBOA because of their unmatched reliability and innovation.

When you are sold a Spa, you will often be told that the electronics are conventional and easy to find. Our advice is never to purchase a Spa unless you are given the name of the electronics manufacturer, so you can check whether they really are easy to access.

For example, rural tourism has increased dramatically in Spain in recent years, and many hotels and holiday cottages have installed whirlpools in order to stand out from the competition. Most of these have been truly spectacular hot tubs with illuminated touch panels. All very impressive, but when these panels stop working, they can’t be replaced because the two companies that sold them no longer exist. These establishments have gone from having spectacular baths to having water tanks.

Buying BALBOA WATER GROUP electronics means buying security and the guarantee of replacement parts.

8. Durability

Don’t buy a wooden tub. Only buy PVC imitations, because you must understand that a high quality spa should easily last for 25 to 30 years, while wood is not as durable. Even if treated, wood will dilate and swell, while a PVC tub will always look the same.

9. Caution

Beware of purchasing a spa with a retractable television screen as they include a mechanical motor that raises and lowers the screen. These undergo a lot of wear over time. To change the motor, the screen has to be removed and the procedure can take hours.

Also bear in mind that you need to grease the rails at least twice a year. If not, they easily become rusty, and once that happens, they’ll start making an annoying noise when the screen goes up and down, if it moves at all. The screen might also get trapped halfway and no longer provide the Spa with thermal cover.

You must also understand that a high quality spa is designed to last for a very long time while screen display technology is constantly evolving. So in 10 years time, you might still have a smoothly running spa, but the screen will be obsolete.

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